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UK Cyberhood Watch initiative

Whilst predominantly aiming to cover very local news, HU12 Online will occasionally cover stories of wider significance that provide useful information. With people in a more anxious state than normal because of the Coronavirus epidemic, cybercriminals are taking advantage, and attempting to scam and defraud people. This is a time to renew our vigilance and look out for other people who might need to be made aware of scams.

Digital security product company Avast and national charity Neighbourhood Watch teamed up to create the UK Cyberhood Watch, an initiative that will help people in Britain learn more about the cybersecurity risks that exist every time we go online.

Cybercrime now feels like more of a threat than physical crime for a rising number of households across England and Wales, with more people either falling victim personally or knowing someone who has been a victim of online theft. Research from over 14,000 Neighbourhood Watch members, carried out in conjunction with Avast, found that those who believe cybercrime is less of a threat than physical crime are firmly in the minority (15%). Additionally, over a third (34%) believe cybercrime is now a bigger threat than physical crime, and a half (50%) think the threat level is similar. 

In response, Neighbourhood Watch and Avast in November 2019 announced a partnership called ‘Cyberhood Watch’ to tackle these fears and provide online cybersecurity awareness courses to help inform and protect the 2.3 million households which are members of Neighbourhood Watch Network across England and Wales.

The Cyberhood Watch initiative is a response to the growing challenge that cybercrime poses to local communities who often don’t have a ready resource for information on keeping themselves safe from the latest scams. 

From phishing to viruses to ransomware, this community-led awareness programme looks at the impact cybercrime can have on our everyday lives, and provides simple tips on the steps we can take to protect ourselves, our friends and family, and our local community.

Avast’s support will include a range of services to help Neighbourhood Watch members become more informed and less at risk of falling victim to cybercrime. This will include a training and accreditation scheme for local Neighbourhood Watch representatives, local informative events, downloadable guides and resources, and ongoing sharing of information about relevant emerging threats.



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