The new East Riding Chairman will be from Hedon

John and Jennifer Dennis

Councillor John Dennis and his wife Jennifer in their Vice Chairman’s chains of office.

WE reported yesterday about the likely appointment of the 670th Hedon Mayor and Deputy Mayor. Today, we report on another Hedon Town Councillor who is set to be appointed to high office.

Councillor John Dennis has served on Hedon Town Council for a number of years as Chair of the Planning Committee, but this year has relinquished that role for an altogether more demanding office.

On Thursday 12th May 2016, at the Annual General Meeting of East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Councillor Dennis, who is also an East Yorkshire Councillor representing South West Holderness, is expected to be appointed as the 22nd Chairman of the East Riding.

The Chairman of the East Riding is the civic head of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council whose duty is to represent and promote the council at all civic and ceremonial events as well as chairing council meetings. It is the first time that a Hedon councillor has been appointed to the post.

The role will not come as a complete surprise to Councillor Dennis who, along with his lady Mrs Jennifer Dennis, has been acting as the Vice Chairman of the East Riding for this current year. John and Jennifer have deputised for the current Chairman and his wife (Councillor Peter Turner and his wife Dorothy ER Chairman from Burstwick) during the current civic year.

The position is held for the civic year 2016-17 and is non-political. During their civic year, the Chairman may also choose to raise money for charity through fundraising events.

Photo: ERYC May 2015

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