Hedon Town Council on Twitter

Sgt at Mace announces Twitter

Twitter – the hi-tech version of our Town Crier!?

HEDON TOWN COUNCIL is on Twitter! You can now follow the latest announcements from the council at @hedontown01 via Twitter.

The local authority in this ancient borough is steeped in history and the perception is that it is most likely to communicate important news to its residents via ringing church bells, burning beacons or by Town Crier! But following a decision taken last month, the council has taken to social media and in doing so will potentially gain a worldwide audience for council news!

For those that don’t know: Twitter is an instant messaging service which allows you to ‘tweet’ in 140 characters or less to people who subscribe as your ‘followers’. Followers can view your updates on their own Twitter pages or have them sent to their mobile phones.

Twitter can be used to follow people or organisations that interest you – people who share your interests are likely to follow you in return. Twitter is used for personal, social and business purposes.

The Hedon Blog is on Twitter too at @HedonBlog and is using the hashtag #HedonTC in all our coverage of Hedon Town Council matters. A #hashtag allows you to follow a subject that you are interested in e.g. #Holderness #Football and #ERYC.

Find out more about Hedon Town Council at the website.


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