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WITH a little bit of history behind us (5 years!), the Hedon Blog can start looking back occasionally at some of the things that we were blogging about in years gone by – we start with SEPTEMBERS!

HOTI had a public meeting in SEPTEMBER 2009 and it was agreed to organise a March and Rally against the proposed Waste Incinerator scheduled to be built at Saltend. Also the HOTI Bonds scheme was announced. The unused Bonds were returned in 2014.

March and Rally against Waste Incinerator – 12th Sept 2009

In SEPTEMBER 2010 the Hedon Drama Group were appealing for people to join in with rehearsals for the annual Pantomime – they were due to start rehearsals on Cinderella. Incidentally, the community grapevine tells us that the Panto for 2015 is going to be based on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz!

Are you a Prince Charming or Wicked Stepmother? – 8th September 2010

Fun at rehearsal time!

Hedon Drama Group – Rehearsal time!

Odours from Waste Water Treatment Works

Odours from Waste Water Treatment Works

In SEPTEMBER 2011 after a summer of unprecedented foul smells from the Yorkshire Water Waste Water Treatment Works at Saltend, protesters handed in a petition to East Riding of Yorkshire Council and received pledges that the nuisance would be tackled. We finished the article indicating that it would be an ongoing issue… We leave it to current readers to tell us if this is still ongoing!?

Smells Petition formally presented to the East Riding Council – 21st September 2011

Lobby of Council - councillors and chair

Photo by Jim Uney of Petitioners and Councillors

paralympic lantern2It was the Mayor’s Civic Parade in SEPTEMBER 2012 and to celebrate the London 2012 Paralympics the Paralympic Lantern was to be paraded through the town along with the Mayor’s procession. The Mayor’s Civic Parade for this year is taking place on Sunday 28th September 2014.

Articles on the Paralympic Lantern – September 27th and 30th 2012

In SEPTEMBER 2013 we were actively looking at live-broadcasting the Hedon Town Council meetings. This followed work carried out by Councillor Sarah Rommell to investigate televising council meetings. Of course the issue of live broadcasting the meetings has now been determined by Parliament with a legal rights to record, film or live broadcast meetings.

Live coverage of your Town Council meetings – 27th September 2013

We’ll take another trip down Bloggers Memory Lane at some point in the future. To do your own Blog Archive research, look for the Archives button on the Blog Sidebar.

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