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Declare ‘Yorkshire Day’ 2018

Yorkshire Day, 1st of August, is the day when the Declarations of Integrity should be read in each of the three Ridings. Traditionally the Declaration should be read in five different dialects including modern English and old Norse, whilst facing towards the county’s ancient capital of York (that’s towards the North West for us in Hedon).

Happy Yorkshire Day!

TODAY IS YORKSHIRE DAY!   It is the day when the declarations of integrity should be read in five different dialects from modern English to old Norse whilst facing towards the county’s ancient capital of York. The declaration commences at the time that coincides with the number of years since […]

Yorkshire Day Success in Hedon

HEDON FOLK ENJOY FEAST OF FLAGS, FIREWORKS AND YORKSHIRE FUN! HUNDREDS TURNED OUT on Ivy Lane last night to watch the fireworks in Hedon in a fitting finale to Yorkshire Day 2010. Earlier revellers had enjoyed the stalls at Market Hill and the entertainment provided by Frankie Dean […]

Flying the flag for Yorkshire Day

THE SPIRIT OF Yorkshire is being felt across the the town with only one day left until Yorkshire Day in Hedon. These local buildings are ‘flying’ the Yorkshire Flag with pride! The Yorkshire Flag was designed in the 1960s. However, the flying of the Yorkshire Flag has only […]