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Wednesday Writings – Mood Changes

Mood Changes – By Jo Gardner Head in turmoil Every-thing is black Need a release Found a blade Blood oozes Sense of relief ——————————————— Out of the blue The laughter of child Mellows the mood From black to gold Despair and hope so closely linked Nothing beats the […]

Wednesday Writings – Sounds

Sounds – by David Thompson Beeching`s decimation of the rail, Has left a leafy woodland trail, Once a branch line to the sticks, Took folks to With for two and six, That passes close beside our home, A rustic byway free to roam, From dog walking and country […]

Wednesday Writings – Washing Day

Washing Day – Lorraine Florence Ellis (Flo) Monday is washing day. She will never forget Mondays and the endless lines of billowing washing stretching the full length of the terrace. The gossip and chit-chat beneath the tall slanting clothes props and the shouts of laughter from the turban headed […]

Wednesday Writings – The Snail

The snail by Cheryl Ellis Remember when you stand on a snail, You may regret it for the rest of your life. Think about that snail’s family, Its Mum, its son, or perhaps its wife. Snails have feelings too. They want love hope and romance. So remember whoever you […]

Wednesday Writings – Shock!

SHOCK! by Janice Leak The front door loudly banged, signalling the departure of their youngest child to school. Time for the preparations; preparations for this special day, long-awaited and dreamed of. Up for a bath with lots of delicious bubbles and fragrant oil. Soaking in the hot water […]