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Wednesday Writings – Pathways

Pathways by W. Palmer Stephenson Times of molehills and warmth And alternate images Of morning and sunset Across the Villages; Traces of cattle amongst some nettles, Discarded boots and campers’ kettles Through undulating ancient places Long disused by former races Before the draining of the marsh. No one […]

Wednesday Writings – Lost Hope

Lost Hope by Lorraine Ellis (Flo) Disillusioned, Dejected, Detached from his past. Alone, Lost, In a City so vast. Dismal streets like he thought like so many before. Where paved with gold. A future secure. A place of his own, Where he could lay roots. Rest his head, […]

Wednesday Writings – Combine Harvester

COMBINE HARVESTER by David Osgerby The field mouse is an endangered species. it lives in fields, and is especially fond of fields of wheat, barley and rye. Each harvest heralds field mouse Armageddon, as a vast machine of obscenely disproportionate size scythes through these minute creatures, reducing them […]

Wednesday Writings – STUBBLE

STUBBLE by David Osgerby The harvest home, only stubble now remains. The wheat is in, and farmers give thanks for clement weather. The last harvester has inched its way down narrow country lanes, as the landscape holds its breath, and waits for tractors towing serried ranks of patient […]