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Meeting Yorkshire Water… and the Foul Odours-Protest-Investment conspiracy theory!

A pattern has emerged throughout the history of the Saltend works which sees odour incidents followed by a public outcry, and then Yorkshire Water invests in a solution. In fact a cynic would say that odour incidents have provided the context for expansion of the site. The time has now come to search for a solution that doesn’t satisfy Yorkshire Water’s capacity and investment problems – but instead looks at it from the point of view of local residents, and the needs and necessities of local communities and businesses.

Shame of persisting Yorkshire Water Smells

THESE ‘Wall of Shame’ comments were collected on Days of Action in Hedon and Paull (Car Boot) during the summer of 2011.  Unfortunately, they are so relevant today!  Yorkshire Water Hull Waste Water Treatment Works stinks! As protesters hand in their petition today at County Hall, asking for […]

Yorkshire Water Foul odour reports

COMPLAINTS of foul odours from the Yorkshire Water Waste Water Treatment Works have increased over the last week. Before this, Yorkshire Water had been quite positive on their odour control activities. They reported on Wednesday 23rd July 2014 that: “We have received seven complaints since the start of pea […]