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Saltend Toxic Alarm Test

TOXIC ALARM TEST – TUESDAY 27th JULY 2010 BP SALTEND has given advance notice of its intention to test its toxic alarm system on TUESDAY 27th JULY 2010 as part of a site-wide exercise of their ‘gas release’ procedures. The alarm which sounds like an old air raid […]

Reporting the Smells

COMPLAINTS ABOUT BAD SMELLS in the area, presumably emanating from Yorkshire Water’s Waste Water facility at Saltend, have increased over the last 3 weeks. The recent dry weather has undoubtedly made the odour situation worse, but local people will also be heartened about the raised publicity about this […]

End of the Saltend Smellies?

IN A PRESS RELEASE issued today (12th July 2010), the East Riding of Yorkshire Council have pledged to continue to respond to residents’ concerns about odours from Yorkshire Water’s waste treatment facility at Saltend. Environmental health officers from East Riding Council have had an ongoing dialogue with Yorkshire […]

Lambert House – Hedon History

LAMBERT HOUSE on Sheriff Highway was built sometime between 1830 and 1840, but it was as the home of Colonel William Lambert White (1849 – 1929) in the 1880’s that the house acquired its current name. The Colonel gained his title through service as a soldier in the […]