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Hedon Penny Throwing 2012

IT WILL BE RAINING PENNIES in Hedon next week when the new Town Mayor throws the pennies to local children! Councillor Jim Lindop will be formally appointed as the 665th Mayor of Hedon at the ‘Mayor-making’ ceremony at the Town Hall on Thursday 17th May 2012 – and in keeping […]

The ‘Hedon Pubs Walk’

APPARENTLY HEDON HAD 13 ALEHOUSES at one point in its history! Alas, the town has only six now – but each is definitely worth a visit! A nice stroll through Hedon from North to South can help visitors appreciate the town’s history – and also its pubs! Start […]

Hedon Civic Silver

HEDON TOWN COUNCIL own an impressive collection of civic silver including what is believed to be the oldest civic mace in the country dating back to 1415. The silver collection has been built up over the centuries and harks back to when Hedon was perhaps more prosperous than […]

Hedon Penny Throwing Ceremony 2010

NEW MAYOR, Councillor Mrs Brenda Goldspink will conduct Hedon’s traditional ‘penny throwing’ ceremony on Thursday 20th May 2010 after formally being ‘made’ Mayor at a private civic function earlier. The traditional Penny Throwing event is always one of the first civic duties carried out by each Mayor following […]

Hedon Traditional Penny Throwing 2009

Hedon’s Mayor Councillor Mrs Ann Suggit will conduct the town’s traditional ‘penny throwing’ service on Thursday 21st May 2009. This traditional event is usually one of the first civic duties carried out by each Mayor following their annual election by the town council. The event is supposed to […]