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New Zebra Crossing

A PLANNING NOTICE from the East Riding Council in St Augustine’s Gate indicates that a new Zebra Crossing is to be installed at St Augustine’s Gate between Hedon Library and Rhythm & Booze. This will be the second road safety scheme installed on this stretch of road. The Souttergate […]

Souttergate Road Narrowing Scheme

THE ROAD SAFETY measures recently installed adjacent to the Dove House Shop on Souttergate, Hedon involves a build-out into the road and the construction of a keep right sign. This makes the road safer to cross at this point, but the measures have sparked criticism from people on […]

Speeding lorries down Souttergate?

THE FOLLOWING REPORT appeared recently on FixMyStreet: “Heavy goods vehicles are travelling at high speed down souttergate at 4.30am onwards causing significant noise. Front of house physically shaking and vibrating through the floor. The streets are narrow and Not designed for this. We need heavy goods restrictions.” Has […]