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Declare ‘Yorkshire Day’ 2018

Yorkshire Day, 1st of August, is the day when the Declarations of Integrity should be read in each of the three Ridings. Traditionally the Declaration should be read in five different dialects including modern English and old Norse, whilst facing towards the county’s ancient capital of York (that’s towards the North West for us in Hedon).

Interesting facts about Yorkshire Day

YORKSHIRE DAY is celebrated on 1st August each year to celebrate the integrity of the traditional county of Yorkshire. Hedon has had the privilege of hosting the key East Riding Yorkshire Day event in 2010! Why 1st August? On 1 August, 1759, British troops and their allies defeated […]

Yorkshire Day 2010 in Hedon!

YORKSHIRE DAY celebrated in Hedon on Sunday 1st August 2010. The celebrations are held as a way of making people more aware of “all things Yorkshire” and the county’s proud history and traditional heritage. Hedon Town Council has invited civic guests from the whole of Yorkshire who will […]