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Poll on local use of Police services

HEDON BLOG POLL: We have included this straw poll in our article The Future of Policing – Your views sought and we appeal to readers to complete the survey – even if you haven’t personally needed to seek assistance from the police or know any of the local police […]

Where do you live?

WE ARE DOING a quick poll to find out where in Hedon our readers actually live. We can use the information gathered to work out if we need to do more to gather news from particular areas. We have split Hedon up into SIX areas – always a […]

Choose HU12.net Banner

What style of Banner should head up the HU12.net website? A Banner Header is needed to front the new HU12.net website. What style of header do you prefer?  The actual image used can change – but it is the style that we have an opportunity to choose: 1. […]