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New Hedon Mayor throws the pennies!

NEW TOWN MAYOR COUNCILLOR ANN SUGGIT threw the first pennies in the traditional Hedon Penny Throwing ceremony. The throwing of the pennies – and the odd 50p I’m told – is always the first act of the Town’s first citizen following being ‘made Mayor’. This also caught my […]

New Mayor throws the pennies!

THE PENNY THROWING ceremony 2010 took place this evening (20th May) immediately after Councillor Mrs Brenda Goldspink was apointed new town Mayor. 40 local children took part in the ‘civic scramble’ for the pennies (and larger coins!) ceremonially despatched by the Mayor and her party! This really is […]

Hedon Penny Throwing Ceremony 2010

NEW MAYOR, Councillor Mrs Brenda Goldspink will conduct Hedon’s traditional ‘penny throwing’ ceremony on Thursday 20th May 2010 after formally being ‘made’ Mayor at a private civic function earlier. The traditional Penny Throwing event is always one of the first civic duties carried out by each Mayor following […]

New Hedon Town Mayor

MRS BRENDA GOLDSPINK is the 663rd holder of the historic position of Hedon Mayor. She was elected by the Town Council at its meeting on 25th March 2010. Councillor Goldspink (pictured last year in her role as Deputy Mayor) will preside over the town’s civic duties and functions […]

Hedon Traditional Penny Throwing 2009

Hedon’s Mayor Councillor Mrs Ann Suggit will conduct the town’s traditional ‘penny throwing’ service on Thursday 21st May 2009. This traditional event is usually one of the first civic duties carried out by each Mayor following their annual election by the town council. The event is supposed to […]