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Photo Contest closes next month

WHAT IS THE EAST RIDING? Answers in a photograph please! Is the East Riding a series of beautiful landscapes – the picture postcard East Riding? Or is it the people, their activities and their quirkiness that characterises and depicts the area? These are the questions posed by the East […]

Sponsored cyclists return to Paull

THE PAULL VILLAGE HALL SPONSORED CYCLISTS returned to the village to a warm reception of cold beer and champers after completing the Way of the Roses bike ride! They left Morecambe on Thursday 14th July (pictured in front of the Eric Morecambe statue) and arrived back in Paull […]

A Voyage Round the World

ADMIRAL LORD GEORGE ANSON was Member of Parliament for Hedon from 1744 – 1747. He is, perhaps, the most famous person ever to have held the position of Hedon MP. In 1740, during war with Spain, Commodore George Anson led a naval expedition to disrupt Spanish possessions in the […]