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Wednesday Writings – Time

TIME – by Lorraine Ellis (Flo) It had stood on the old book case for years; a small cacti in a plain brown plastic pot. It didn’t require much care just a few drops of water now and again. It had been there so long that she had […]

Wednesday Writings – Lost Hope

Lost Hope by Lorraine Ellis (Flo) Disillusioned, Dejected, Detached from his past. Alone, Lost, In a City so vast. Dismal streets like he thought like so many before. Where paved with gold. A future secure. A place of his own, Where he could lay roots. Rest his head, […]

Wednesday Writings – Life Goes On

Life Goes On – by Lorraine Florence Ellis (Flo) The jokes were lewd, the laughter raucous, cigarette smoke hung in smoggy tendrils. Jack stared into his pint glass, his shoulders were hunched his breathing laboured. He glanced around the crowded pub which had been his local for as […]