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Resplendent Golden Church

“THE GOLDEN CHURCH” is a beautiful description of St Augustine’s when washed in sunlight from an Autumn dusk. The “King of Holderness” looks resplendent once again following its recent remedial work. You can help support the church by attending the Christmas Market there next Saturday, 20th November 2010.

St Augustine’s Facelift

ST AUGUSTINE’S CHURCH is having a facelift – as the observant amongst you will have noticed! The ten-week project, began at the beginning of the month and will involve roofing and masonry repairs. Some of the original carvings have been eroded over time and the work will involve […]

Yorkshire Day 2010 in Hedon!

YORKSHIRE DAY celebrated in Hedon on Sunday 1st August 2010. The celebrations are held as a way of making people more aware of “all things Yorkshire” and the county’s proud history and traditional heritage. Hedon Town Council has invited civic guests from the whole of Yorkshire who will […]