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Wonderful miniature exhibition!

THE EXHIBITION of miniature homes and furniture at Hedon Museum reveals the passion, patience and skill that undoubtedly must make up the members of the Hull based Fantasia Dolls House Club. A Victorian terrace is the centrepiece of the display with nine uniquely designed miniature properties each with […]

Hedon Museum Fantasia Miniatures

HEDON MUSEUM’S next special exhibition is  ‘Coronation Row – from Victorian to the present day’ by Fantasia Miniatures. The exhibition, which starts on the 28th July and finishes 0n September 8th 2010, contains a terrace of houses and furniture – and all in miniature! Opening Times: Saturday 10am […]

Cow Gate! “The Cow Case” Drama at Hedon Town Hall

THE COW CASE performed by staff and students from the South Holderness Technology College is a drama production based on the historic records of the campaign to bring electoral and social reform to Hedon 150 years ago.

It will be performed by students and staff from South Holderness Technology College, in the Courtroom at Hedon Town Hall on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 29th June until 1st July starting at 7:30pm each night.

Hedon Harbours Great Ambition!

HEDON OWES ITS EXISTENCE to the ancient waterways that linked it to the River Humber. Hedon was settled as a haven – a safe harbour – for medieval sailors seeking refuge from the perils of the Humber. By the 13th Century Hedon was a wealthy place boasting the […]