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Seeking 70s Exhibits

HEDON MUSEUM is holding a Come Back to the 1970s exhibition – and wants your help in obtaining the exhibits! Have you got photos, posters, artefacts from the 70s – a pair of old bell-bottomed trousers, hot pants or platform shoes perhaps! – that you wouldn’t mind lending […]

Hedon Art Group Exhibition

THE ANNUAL EXHIBITION by Hedon Art Group takes place from Saturday 9th October 2010 in the Upstairs Gallery of Hedon Museum. The paintings on show are expected to reveal a wealth of local talent, tutored by local artist Steve Waller. In past exhibitions, visitors have discovered paintings of […]

Wonderful miniature exhibition!

THE EXHIBITION of miniature homes and furniture at Hedon Museum reveals the passion, patience and skill that undoubtedly must make up the members of the Hull based Fantasia Dolls House Club. A Victorian terrace is the centrepiece of the display with nine uniquely designed miniature properties each with […]

Hedon Museum Fantasia Miniatures

HEDON MUSEUM’S next special exhibition is  ‘Coronation Row – from Victorian to the present day’ by Fantasia Miniatures. The exhibition, which starts on the 28th July and finishes 0n September 8th 2010, contains a terrace of houses and furniture – and all in miniature! Opening Times: Saturday 10am […]