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The Twitterverse last week

SOME TWEETS from local Twitter people that caught our attention last week: http://twitter.com/#!/Humber_TV/status/59243694641004544 http://twitter.com/#!/adamlonsdale/status/59252182981160960 http://twitter.com/#!/carlminns/status/59132811965251585 http://twitter.com/#!/grahamstuart/status/58859384553476096 http://twitter.com/#!/HumbersideFire/status/58852512647741441 http://twitter.com/#!/HU17/status/58807064855724033 http://twitter.com/#!/JustinMacartney/status/58654878624530432 http://twitter.com/#!/gamepeoplehedon/status/56733560828207104 Give it a go! Sign up to Twitter – and follow the @HedonBlog of course!

MP’s Street Surgery

GRAHAM STUART, Member of Parliament for Beverley and Holderness, will be holding a Street Surgery in Hedon, weather permitting on Saturday 20th November 2010. The outdoor surgery will take place between 10.30am and midday in the Market Place, Hedon. All residents are welcome to come and speak with Graham […]

Inmans Flood Works – debate continues

View Full Album MEASURES TO reduce flooding risks on Inmans Estate continue to be the subject of much debate in Hedon. The recent open days to showcase flood protection measures in Albina Garth will certainly have allayed some fears. However, of the devices tested, most depend on residents […]

MP welcomes Inmans flood test work

GRAHAM STUART, MP, today welcomed news that testing was being carried out in Hedon to look at ways of reducing future flood damage to homes in the town. The measures have previously drawn criticism from local resident Jim Uney. A test rig, designed to simulate the ground floor […]