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Candidates: Some Policies

ELECTION 2010: The election campaign has really started now. The candidates are beginning to outline their policies. Craig Dobson from the Liberal Democrats, Graham Stuart, Conservative, Bill Rigby, Green and Ian Saunders, Labour give their views on key issues below (from news releases and websites):

Election 2010: Candidates Confirmed

NOMINATIONS FOR CANDIDATES in the forthcoming general election closed at 4pm, Tuesday, 20 April. The following candidate Ron Hughes, Independent a candidate from Hornsea has been nominated. This means a total of 7 people are standing as prospective parliamentary candidates for the Beverley and Holderness constituency in Election […]

Energy and Waste: What do you think?

ELECTION 2010: THE BBC POLITICS SHOW has featured a debate on Energy and Waste which included Beverley and Holderness Conservative candidate Graham Stuart. Here are some snippets taken from Graham Stuart’s comments on the programme that indicate his policy positions on three key issues. But what do you […]