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Prepare to be impressed! Treat for Art Lovers at Hedon Museum

Impressionist, realist and surrealist artworks will feature at the latest exhibition at Hedon Museum. Artists Dianne Brown and James Lee will display their unique exhibits every Saturday and Wednesday, 10am – 4pm until Saturday 13 July, with Dianne’s giant, colourful canvasses contrasting starkly with James’ vivid, multi-media approach. It’s free admission at the Museum and refreshments (tea, coffee and biscuits) are available. When in Hedon, look for the boards on Watmough’s Arcade to help guide you to the Museum.

HedFest Programme – John Marshall Buzz Comedy & Evening of the Spoken Word @ The Shakespeare

John Marshall Buzz Comedy @ The Shakespeare: James Alderson – “effervescent, exuberant, hilarious” Simon Bligh – “frenetic, fantastically funny” Mike Newall – “brilliant laconic observations” Carl Jones – “lively comedy stories” Marilyn Paradise – “marvellous music and mirth” Jared Shooter – “quick-witted anecdotes” Josh Smith – “likeable laughter […]

Hedon Art Group Exhibition

THE ANNUAL EXHIBITION by Hedon Art Group takes place from Saturday 9th October 2010 in the Upstairs Gallery of Hedon Museum. The paintings on show are expected to reveal a wealth of local talent, tutored by local artist Steve Waller. In past exhibitions, visitors have discovered paintings of […]