Crime Figures for Hedon for April 2009

LOCAL CRIME MAPPING Humberside Police have published the crime figures for April for the South West Holderness Ward area. Significantly, the average number of crimes in the area had increased from 50.3 to 61.3 (21.9%) (compared to the same three month period last year). However, crimes of Burglary, […]

Hedon Town Council Budget

The current Hedon Newsletter (Issue 9) outlines the budget recently adopted by Hedon Town Council. The article is reproduced here: Having regard for the economic climate and other issues, Hedon Town Council have endeavoured to keep the increase in the precept (the amount paid by Hedon council tax […]

Searching The Hedon Blog

Searching The Hedon Blog for items that interest you is easy. Search: You can enter your search term in the box at the top of the right-hand side-bar. For example, type the word JigZone then click Search (or press Enter/Return) and a list of blog posts containing that […]

Insight from Hedon Mayor

Issue 9 of the Hedon Newsletter is now available to collect from local shops, pubs and public buildings. The edition includes an illuminating personal recollection from Councillor Mike Bryan on his experience as Hedon Mayor. The article shows his efforts in both his civic role and in his […]

Humberside Police Lifestyle 2009

Humberside Police have launched Lifestyle 2009. Lifestyle – which has operated every year since 1988 – seeks to encourage a positive relationship between police and young people through encouraging active citizenship. It results in young people carrying out some wonderful and inspiring activities in their communities. Young people […]

Popular posts on The Hedon Blog

The Top Posts section on the Hedon Blog over the last 48 hours are shown on the left hand side-bar. However, this lists those posts which have proved most popular during the last 118 posts: Jack the Ripper – Hull connections? About Hedon Online? Rush Lyvars – Fishing […]

Hedon Traditional Penny Throwing 2009

Hedon’s Mayor Councillor Mrs Ann Suggit will conduct the town’s traditional ‘penny throwing’ service on Thursday 21st May 2009. This traditional event is usually one of the first civic duties carried out by each Mayor following their annual election by the town council. The event is supposed to […]