Withernsea Lighthouse

Another feature on the ‘Must Re-Visit’ list is Withernsea Lighthouse. I remember as a kid going on holiday to Withernsea (pronounced Withren-sea or just ‘With’ by us!) and as the bus neared the town, the first person to spot the lighthouse would get a tanner! I am sure […]

Nutmegs on Jigzone

Just for fun this – go to this Jigzone Link to complete this puzzle depicting Hedon’s sweet tea house. You can choose the style and cut of the jigsaw pieces to complete. You need to download Java if you do not have it already (explained via Jigzone).

Browse to your local online pubs?

Online Queens Head? In a small town like Hedon (pop 7,000+) you expect some things to be ‘behind the times’. However, as far as the internet is concerned THERE really is no excuse. The internet can link communities together regardless of where these are located. Of course communities […]

Jack the Ripper – Hull connections?

The screening of Whitechapel on ITV on Mondays has re-inspired interest in Jack the Ripper. Locally there are Hull connections (not sure about Hedon) and Mike Covell’s Blog is the journal of his efforts to investigate and publish them. In true Blogosphere fashion I discovered Mike’s Blog through […]

Holderness Heartbeat – Ad Mag

The Holderness Heartbeat is a monthly advertising magazine created by a Hedon based entrepreneur. Copies are distributed to households throughout Holderness (except for Withernsea where distribution is not viable). The magazine has been going for over 10 years and survives through generating advertising income but provides residents with […]

Hedon on Wikipedia

The entry for Hedon on Wikipedia is quite sparse – especially when compared with entries for our large neighbour Kingston Upon Hull and former home town Blackpool. However, I believe that Hedon’s enthusiasts haven’t yet discovered Wikipedia. The article is still to be improved to reflect more about […]

Geograph – photography project.

The Geograph British Isles project aims to represent every square mile of the country through photographs. This – of course – includes Hedon. The project is described briefly below (from Home Page). What is Geographing? · It’s a game – how many grid squares will you contribute? · […]

Hedon Media to the rescue!

Disaster! This Hedon blogging project nearly ended before it had started! My trusty, Vista, all-singing, all-dancing laptop computer stopped singing and dancing! While conducting a standard Windows Update the machine froze then crashed and refused to re-boot – the Startup Repair facility refused to start, the System Restore […]

Our Hedon Adventure!

Our relocation to Hedon took place on Saturday 24th January 2009 following redundancy on the west coast (Blackpool). So here we are in the idyllic town of Hedon in East Yorkshire. Having been born in Hull and lived in the area all our lives prior to 2000, we […]