Mail Clampdown on the Clampers

Lots of interest in parking issues lately from the Hull Daily Mail. The local Media giant has previously launched a campaign – perhaps seen by some as controversial – against parking charges being proposed by East Riding Council. Now however – to almost universal delight – they have […]

Facebook Page

If you are on Facebook then become a fan of the Hedon Blog page (I’m a lonely sole member at the moment!) and to find out more about Facebook’s Public Profile Pages then check this post from Canadian Rebecca Leahman’s Wild Apricot Blog.

What’s a blog?

In response to my friends on Facebook, who receive automatic updates from this blog, to the question “What’s a blog”, then I’ve included the following explanation from YouTube. Blogs in Plain English (with a US accent!) is a good introduction. Other explanations of the new internet ‘social media’ […]