Hedon – Good news on crime

The Hull Mail reports today that the vigilant efforts of residents have helped to cut crime in Hedon, Withernsea and the surrounding villages over the last 12 months. The number of burglaries is down with only 68 reported incidents over the last 12 months. Residents and good neighbourliness […]

East Riding Community Plan

The Local Strategic Partnership is an umbrella organisation bringing together the public, private and voluntary and community sectors to improve the quality of life in the East Riding. The objectives of the partnership are set out in Our East Riding which is the sustainable community plan for the […]

Interim flood defences in Hedon

The Environment Agency has commissioned some work on Burstwick Drain in Hedon to raise the bank at low points, and build flood walls where necessary, as part of a wider £2m project to strengthen flood defences aimed principally at protecting Burstwick which was hit hard by the floods […]

Power cut in Hedon

The town was hit by a power cut yesterday for approximately over an hour (8:00pm – 9:10pm’ish). Torches, candles…. and living without electricity was quite an adventure for the first 10 minutes. But then thoughts turn to those young and older people who find such events distressing. The […]

No Cold Calling Zones

This is an idea that has been taken up in Hull and perhaps might work in Hedon? The purpose of ‘No Cold Calling Zones’ is for residents in a particular area to actively discourage unwelcome visits to their homes by traders who ‘cold call’ looking for business – […]

Facial reconstruction course

Perhaps a bit obscure this to the uninitiated – but just goes to prove that you can do almost any activity in Hedon! The Holderness Country Club (the community building in the over-55s retirement complex in Drapers Lane) is hosting a course on “Facial Reconstruction”. The Holderness Gazette […]