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Deer at Saltend/Hull Docks?

Whilst travelling on the Hedon to Hull bus one morning in 2004 about 8am, a pair of deer leaped over a fence at Saltend (Hull Docks) and bounded across the main road (A1033) in front of the vehicle. The bus driver jammed on his brakes and traffic behind […]

No Cold Calling Zones

This is an idea that has been taken up in Hull and perhaps might work in Hedon? The purpose of ‘No Cold Calling Zones’ is for residents in a particular area to actively discourage unwelcome visits to their homes by traders who ‘cold call’ looking for business – […]

Mail Clampdown on the Clampers

Lots of interest in parking issues lately from the Hull Daily Mail. The local Media giant has previously launched a campaign – perhaps seen by some as controversial – against parking charges being proposed by East Riding Council. Now however – to almost universal delight – they have […]

Jack the Ripper – Hull connections?

The screening of Whitechapel on ITV on Mondays has re-inspired interest in Jack the Ripper. Locally there are Hull connections (not sure about Hedon) and Mike Covell’s Blog is the journal of his efforts to investigate and publish them. In true Blogosphere fashion I discovered Mike’s Blog through […]