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Withernsea Lighthouse

Another feature on the ‘Must Re-Visit’ list is Withernsea Lighthouse. I remember as a kid going on holiday to Withernsea (pronounced Withren-sea or just ‘With’ by us!) and as the bus neared the town, the first person to spot the lighthouse would get a tanner! I am sure […]

Jack the Ripper – Hull connections?

The screening of Whitechapel on ITV on Mondays has re-inspired interest in Jack the Ripper. Locally there are Hull connections (not sure about Hedon) and Mike Covell’s Blog is the journal of his efforts to investigate and publish them. In true Blogosphere fashion I discovered Mike’s Blog through […]

Hedon on Wikipedia

The entry for Hedon on Wikipedia is quite sparse – especially when compared with entries for our large neighbour Kingston Upon Hull and former home town Blackpool. However, I believe that Hedon’s enthusiasts haven’t yet discovered Wikipedia. The article is still to be improved to reflect more about […]