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No Cold Calling Zones

This is an idea that has been taken up in Hull and perhaps might work in Hedon? The purpose of ‘No Cold Calling Zones’ is for residents in a particular area to actively discourage unwelcome visits to their homes by traders who ‘cold call’ looking for business – […]

Facial reconstruction course

Perhaps a bit obscure this to the uninitiated – but just goes to prove that you can do almost any activity in Hedon! The Holderness Country Club (the community building in the over-55s retirement complex in Drapers Lane) is hosting a course on “Facial Reconstruction”. The Holderness Gazette […]

Mail Clampdown on the Clampers

Lots of interest in parking issues lately from the Hull Daily Mail. The local Media giant has previously launched a campaign – perhaps seen by some as controversial – against parking charges being proposed by East Riding Council. Now however – to almost universal delight – they have […]

Facebook Page

If you are on Facebook then become a fan of the Hedon Blog page (I’m a lonely sole member at the moment!) and to find out more about Facebook’s Public Profile Pages then check this post from Canadian Rebecca Leahman’s Wild Apricot Blog.

What’s a blog?

In response to my friends on Facebook, who receive automatic updates from this blog, to the question “What’s a blog”, then I’ve included the following explanation from YouTube. Blogs in Plain English (with a US accent!) is a good introduction. Other explanations of the new internet ‘social media’ […]