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Facebook Page

If you are on Facebook then become a fan of the Hedon Blog page (I’m a lonely sole member at the moment!) and to find out more about Facebook’s Public Profile Pages then check this post from Canadian Rebecca Leahman’s Wild Apricot Blog.

What’s a blog?

In response to my friends on Facebook, who receive automatic updates from this blog, to the question “What’s a blog”, then I’ve included the following explanation from YouTube. Blogs in Plain English (with a US accent!) is a good introduction. Other explanations of the new internet ‘social media’ […]

The Hedon Blog flyer!

This is a flyer which I hope readers can use to promote this blog. This is a Scribd embedded document. You can sign up for this useful service and publish your own documents. Scribd iPaper documents are built with Adobe Flash, so if you can watch videos on […]

FREE bus to ASDA (Bilton)

A HANDY FREE BUS SERVICE from Hedon to the ASDA supermarket in Bilton operates on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Times do vary so it is worth checking with the ASDA store itself on 01482 815311 before making any essential shopping journey. But the latest notified departure times from Hedon […]