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Preston RATS traffic campaign – question asked at full council

Preston traffic campaign

THE PRESTON R.A.T.S. campaign, organised by the Preston Traffic and Safety Group, hits County Hall tomorrow! The campaign, which organised a successful protest last month against ‘rat runs’ through the village, aims to highlight the unique problems with traffic in Preston and seek solutions. It will take its case to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council at the full council meeting.

The meeting takes place at County Hall, Beverley on Wednesday 6 October 2021 at 2pm. The meeting will be streamed live via YouTube or can be watched on the council’s channel later.

Pat Ferguson will ask a question with some preliminary remarks during the council’s ‘Questions by Electors’ spot. Pat has sent her question to us for information:


The East Riding of Yorkshire is a very rural county with many small historic towns and villages. However some areas are suffering considerably from increased development bringing more and more traffic through narrow streets designed for coach and horses not automobiles. Preston for example is an ancient village dating back to the 10th century with narrow twisted roads and very narrow pavements. Residents of the village have to endure the terrifying ordeal of increasingly large farm vehicles, 80+ double-decker school bus journeys, HGVs and thousands of other vehicle movements every day through these ancient roads, with traffic passing less than 2 metres from their front doors.  Increased volume and size of vehicles also threatens the East Riding’s historic buildings such as the 10th century, Grade I listed Church, a listed Georgian mansion and many ancient cottages in Preston.   Some villages across the East Riding are suffering these indignities every day, frequently with consequent structural damage due to designated HGV routes being too narrow. The frequent gridlocks also lead to huge volumes of toxic fumes at the pinch points.  

The problems in South West Holderness are set to be made worse by three new housing developments, the planned new Crematorium and the large industrial developments of the Yorkshire Energy Park, ABP and additional developments on the Saltend site in addition to potential development to the east.

Preston was, until recently, a village surrounded by farmland and fields but has increasingly become a village strangled by concrete and industry.  The increased developments offer no apparent benefits to the village and the Council offer no suggestions of how to mitigate the effects of the volume of traffic. This situation is replicated in other areas across the county.

My question FOR THE LEADER is: When will the Council do something to alleviate the burden of increasing traffic in our historic towns and villages, reduce the number of traffic incidents and relieve the residents of the misery they suffer every day?

Mrs Pat Ferguson

Preston protest traffic campaign
Village protest 16 September 2021 against using village streets as ‘rat runs’.

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