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Call for East Riding Council to “Fix My Street”

Fix My Street is a special website and app run by the UK charity MySociety that uses maps of your local area to report problems. Graffiti, flytipping, dog poop, potholes and broken streetlights can easily be located using the maps. You then use the service to report the problem directly to your local council.

Fix My Street (FMS) was used widely in the local South West Holderness area from 2010 onwards in the campaign to report smells from the Waste Water Treatment Works at Saltend. The reports logged on Fix My Street were sent minutes later to East Riding Council but the FMS reports enabled us (the public) to see the level of complaints graphically mapped.

Odour reports via Fix My Street as of October 20 2015

It was the easy viewing of problems in the local area, and the updates showing the council and its partners responses to those problems that made Fix My Street such a useful service.

98% of local authorities use FMS, sadly East Riding of Yorkshire Council is one of only 2% of councils that don’t accept reports from FixMyStreet. It seems that a decision was taken around 2017 to stop accepting reports. The council complained that reports from FMS were not ‘smart enough’ i.e. they didn’t contain enough information to be useful to the council. In the case of smells from Saltend, it was claimed that residents assumed those bad odours were from the Waste Water Works and so would put that site down as the location of the problem, rather than the location where they actually experienced the smell.

Smart reporting is obviously important but we would argue that the increasing and the more effective use of FMS in the local area from 2007 – 2017 had improved the level and overall quality of the reporting.

With the marked increase in littering, fly-tipping and dog fouling noted during the pandemic, then we see great benefits in the council reversing its decision. And from today we ask for readers support in helping us convince the council to accept reports from Fix My Street once again!

At Fix My Street they notify us of ERYC’s non-involvement: www.fixmystreet.com/unresponsive?body=2577. They suggest writing to your MP and Ward Councillors.

Campaign materials from Fix My Street

But first, visit www.fixmystreet.com and judge for yourself.

The alternative and only route for reporting problems to the council at the moment, is to navigate: www.eastriding.gov.uk

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