Hedon Open Garden – “a surprise around every bend!”

IT MAY HAVE rained last Saturday (8 May 2021), but that didn’t spoil the enjoyment of visiting Hedon’s Open Garden. The Cottage garden on Fletchergate in the town was open as part of the National Garden Schemes.

The garden, owned and cared for by Yvonne Macfarlane, had adopted the theme of ‘secret garden’ which was very apt. As you snaked through the various parts of the site you discovered something different around every bend. It wasn’t just the beautiful flowers glistening in the raindrops that grabbed your attention, but the massive array of garden ornaments and unusual artefacts. 

One of the unusual items in the garden entrance yard was a small but immaculately decorated Gypsy caravan. Yvonne, who said it’s normal for her to go out buying plants and items for the garden every week, had picked up the caravan in a state of disrepair.

“We had to titify it up,” said Yvonne. “But actually it cost more to get the artistic paintwork done. It’s quite detailed.” So what do you use an ornamental Gypsy caravan for, we asked? “It’s a great and quiet place to read the newspaper in the afternoon – and have a snooze!” she replied.

The garden was open for raising funds for good causes as part of the National Garden Scheme ‘Open Gardens’ for charity. But refreshments on both open days were laid on by local groups who were fundraising too. On Saturday the Holderness Lions provided the fundraising refreshments, and on Sunday it was the turn of folk from St. Andrew’s Church, Paul.

Visiting the gardens on Saturday were friends Lynn Leedham and Janice Edmonds. Lynn from Greatfield in Hull said: “It’s great to be doing something that’s nearly normal again! And the garden is beautiful. I’ve really enjoyed today.” Whilst social distancing and masks were still in place and evident, Lynn’s appreciation of something ‘nearly normal’ was widely shared by those attending the gardens.

Lynn Leedham from Hull and Janice Edmonds from Hedon at Hedon Open Garden

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