Hedon Town Council ‘real world’ meeting – Thursday 13 May 2021

HEDON TOWN COUNCIL will hold its first physical public meetings since the implementation of COVID-19 restrictions over a year ago. The first such meetings will take place on Thursday 13 May 2021 in St. Augustine’s Church. Meetings are open to the public to observe the proceedings. You will need to sign in to ‘track and trace’, use hand sanitiser and wear masks if attending.

Photo of Hedon Church.
Venue for Hedon Town Council meeting.

The Planning Committee will meet starting at 7.15pm. This will be followed promptly by the Property Committee (links to PDF documents on the Town Council’s website).

Hedon Market Place

Hedon Market Place photo from November 2020
Hedon Market Place November 2020

Of particular interest during the Property Committee are items about Hedon Market Place. An update will be available on the idea of installing railings at Market Place (the Greenprint side). This was a suggestion made at the last Public Participation meeting. There is a further suggestion from East Riding Council to install double yellow lines at the North and South ends. The Luxe restaurant has made a request to place tables and chairs on the North end. These would be in place in the evening (7 days a week).

Also on the agenda is a proposal for new signage and seating at Watson Park. There is also a request for a memorial bench and picnic table at Elsie Gate field.

Recent virtual Zoom meetings held by the council have been quite well-attended by public observers. We will see if the interest from residents in attending meetings online translates into increased physical attendance at actual meetings.

Statement from Hedon Town Council:

From midnight on 6 May 2021, the legislation allowing Town Councils to meet by remote access comes to an end. Therefore, Council/Committee meetings have to be held as physical meetings. Whilst social distancing is still in force, the Council Chamber in the Town Hall can hold no more than 25 people. The Town Council has therefore decided to hold its meetings in St Augustine’s Church until social distancing restrictions are lifted. All Council/Committee meetings are open to the public – you will need to sign in to ‘track and trace’, use hand sanitiser and wear masks if attending. Thank you for your cooperation.


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