Remembering the Hedon Blitz victims of Magdalen Lane, Hedon May 8th 1941


It was tonight, 80 years ago during the second world war, that 12 people were killed in Hedon when two neighbouring homes in Magdalen Lane were bombed and destroyed during an air raid in the town.

THE 7th – 9th MAY 1941 saw the heaviest bombing raids on Hull during the second world war. During three nights of bombing, there were 1,200 casualties and 420 people killed. Hedon was also bombed and on the night of 8th May 1941 two houses, Ashley Villas and Daisy Villas, on Magdalen Lane were destroyed and twelve people killed, seven of them from the same family.

Photo of Spicer Family memorial in Scunthorpe
Spicer Family memorial in Scunthorpe (where the family originally hailed from before moving to Hedon)
Don Faley and the framed memorial parchment Nov 11th 2013.

Until recently, it was believed that six members of the Spicer family had been killed in the blast. That is what was listed on the official casualty list. However, during Hedon Blog investigations, it was re-discovered that 23-year-old Norman Spicer was also killed. He was on leave from the war at the family home on the night of the bombing.

The tragedy went on for the Spicer family after the event. The sole surviving Spicer family member, son Jack, who was out working as a lorry driver on the night of the bombing, died in 1943. He was aged only 22 at his death.

The victims of the Hedon Blitz are commemorated in a special Memorial Tribute Parchment created by Muriel Scudamore and Julie Marshall which is currently hung in the Hedon Town Hall.

On Remembrance Day 2013, *Mr Don Failey of the Royal British Legion presented the memorial to the Hedon Mayor Councillor Jim Lindop. The memorial honours all the men, women and children of Hedon who were killed by enemy action in the town during World War II. 

Close up of the Memorial Parchment

We will remember them!

Ashley Villas

Ellen Pricilla Ellerton age 54
Josephine Mary Ellerton age 26
Muriel French age 38
John Richard French age 9
Lucy Jubilee Lear age 44

Daisy Villas

Ernest John Spicer age 45
Vida May Spicer age 44
Lance Corporal Norman Spicer age 23
Joan Spicer age 22
Delma Spicer age 14
Geoffrey Spicer age 10
Edward Spicer age 6

Killed by enemy action on May 8th 1941.

More about the tragedy available by following this link (each article has some very interesting comments): Hedon: The Blitz.

*PS: We heard that Don Failey now 93 suffered a fall on Thursday 6 May 2021 whilst at the polling station. In a typical manner, Don has praised those who came to his assistance. We send our warmest wishes to Don for a speedy recovery.

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  1. My heart goes out to all of the family and loved ones that have lost so much. We will Remember ❤️🙏🏼

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