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Electric Vehicle charging points at Iveson Close car park

TWO CHARGING POINTS for electric vehicles are now available in the Iveson Close car park in Hedon. They are part of the Hubsta Network. Charging costs are zero per kilowatt-hour for members of the Hubsta Network. They are 30p per kWh inc VAT for pay as you go, third-party schemes and other roaming networks.

Installed by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, the charging unit is part of the green agenda to encourage drivers away from internal combustion vehicles and towards electric vehicle ownership. Making public charging points available is encouraging this move.

According to the Local Government Association, transport is the largest greenhouse gas‑emitting sector in the UK, accounting for 28% of greenhouse gas emissions. The way that we travel, including on the roads, has to change significantly if carbon emissions are to be reduced. Electric vehicles are a way to minimise emissions.

Over the 50 years, most city, town and rural developments have been car-centric; they’ve taken car ownership and the need for parking spaces and effective road transport systems into major consideration. It is argued that we need to move away from this focus on cars? Public transport should become the primary focus? Reducing the need to travel should be prioritised? However, the private car will be with us for some time yet. Reducing fossil-fuelled vehicles and increasing electric vehicles is a measure to avert the climate crisis.

Find the charging units at:

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