Election 2021

The South West Holderness election campaign starts for real!

With nominations having formally closed today at 4 pm, we can now say that the ELECTION CAMPAIGN is on! The fight to become the next COUNCILLOR to represent SOUTH WEST HOLDERNESS WARD on the EAST RIDING OF YORKSHIRE COUNCIL starts in earnest.

Candidate's names and colours

This looks set to be the most keenly contested election ever held in the Ward. The Conservatives hope to keep the Ward blue in its political colour. Labour is hoping for its first breakthrough victory and the return of a Labour councillor to the East Riding. The Liberal Democrats want to build on their number as the official opposition on the council. Meanwhile, the Independent candidate threatens to upset the whole party political applecart!

What is clear about this election is the lack of certainty about the result! It really does seem to be a case that anything could happen!

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) provides mainstream services for the county. From environmental services covering roads, traffic and parking, refuse collection and recycling, to social care, housing, planning and regeneration – the services provided by ERYC impact all our lives. The particular impacts of these services in South West Holderness Ward will be the issues championed by the newly elected councillor.

The Ward has a population of around 14, 500 with a high proportion of these (28%) being aged over 65. There are more than 6,500 homes across the Ward in different sized communities. This includes the large town of Hedon, the sizeable villages of Thorngumbald and Preston, plus smaller communities like Paull and Preston South. There are smaller hamlets and rural communities too. The new councillor will have the task of trying to represent these communities whilst helping those individuals who seek help with council-related matters. The task of gauging and representing the collective interests of these communities, whilst not forgetting the interests of minorities, is not an easy one.

Issues that have already been raised in the Ward include that of the ‘industrial creep’ as Hull-based industry threatens to expand into Holderness. This ‘creep’, as sitting Councillor John Dennis (not up for election) so eloquently puts it, looks set to increase following the green lights being given to the Yorkshire Energy and Humber International Enterprise parks. These combined developments will have huge impacts on the Ward. The planning decisions have prompted residents’ concerns and candidates will need to respond to these.

Increasing traffic volumes and the related issues of parking and congestion, are other ‘bread and butter’ issues that will occupy the thoughts of residents and candidates during this election campaign.

The candidates are listed on our special *ELECTIONS PAGE along with their election statements and main leaflets issued to date.

An easy-to-complete ONLINE FORM is available so you can POST QUESTIONS to the candidates. We will seek answers from each candidate to the most popular questions.

*There may be last-minute additions we have to make to the page when nominations are formally announced tomorrow.

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