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Independent candidate James Baron – South West Holderness Ward by-election 6 May 2021

A BY-ELECTION will take place on Thursday, May 6, 2021. It is to elect a new councillor for the South West Holderness Ward. An independent candidate JAMES BARON is standing for election.

“As an independent I will not be controlled by any political party and promise to give you 100% representation.” – James Baron

I have lived in South West Holderness for 41 years. Brought up in Paull and currently living in Hedon. I am the candidate that knows the area and its people the best. I have the drive and ambition to help South West Holderness adapt, flourish, and meet the many changes it currently faces. I am independent of any political party and will work hard to ensure the views, worries and ambitions of the people of South West Holderness are heard in local government.

My pledges to you:

Hot Topic 1 – I am the only candidate who has lived in the area since birth. The Conservative candidate has been parachuted in from the coast and the Lib Dem candidate also does not live in the Ward. How can they fully know the issues faced in South West Holderness if they do not live in the area.

Hot Topic 2 – Labour do not hold one seat at County Hall. The Lib Dems are ready to be overtaken in numbers at County Hall by Independents. I want your help to be part of that growing Independent voice in Local Politics. Working hard for South West Holderness not a political party.

Hot Topic 3 – I fully support the calls for a bypass to alleviate traffic issues in Hedon and Preston.

Hot Topic 4 – I am a local football coach and trustee of a local sports centre. This area is a hot bed for sport. For too long the local councils have ignored sport and recreation in this area. It is my ambition that every part of the Ward will have sport and recreation areas to be proud of.

Hot Topic 5 – I am committed to work with all local councils to ensure meetings are either streamed or recorded live for viewing later. I will also ensure councils hold more public participation sessions. I want the workings of councils to be more inclusive.

Hot Topic 6 – I will work with councils to reduce the money they keep in reserve and spend more council tax money on making the area a better place to live. I will also work with councils to improve their cost-effectiveness.

Contact James by email or by telephone 07988 194 956. You can message James via Facebook at Independent Views – Politics in SWH. You can Tweet James at @newpolicyvoice.

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