Hedon Through the Seasons

DAFFODILS are lighting up our lives! The displays of these ‘lenten lilies’ across Hedon makes it the perfect time to take your exercise walks in the town. They provide an excuse to explore Hedon in a bit more detail, and perhaps do one of our town walks. This has also prompted an idea to follow Hedon through the seasons via its flora!

We would like to follow the town pictorially as it changes through the seasons. We have already seen snowdrops come and go, and crocuses are sprouting at the moment and competing for our attention. But it’s the vast array of daffodil varieties currently in bloom that look splendid. Tulips will be next. Trees and shrubs are beginning to bud and bloom.

We have opened a gallery of colourful images that will show these changes over the year from Spring to Winter. And we hope that you will help us to show off the town by sending your floral pictures to us at hu12@gmx.com. Tell us where they were taken and include your name for publication.

We will keep the gallery as a permanent floral record. So grab those pictures on your phones and cameras and send them to us.

We’ve started us off with these taken at Elsie Gate fields, Haven Basin and a couple of other more obvious locations.

See the Gallery: Hedon through the Seasons

Send your floral pictures to us at hu12@gmx.com.

Find out everything you need to know about daffodils (Narcissus) at the Royal Horticultural Society.

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