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Hedon Winter Salting Review requested

At its last Emergency Planning Committee meeting, Hedon Town Council agreed to put in a request to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) to conduct a winter salting review for the town. This formal request, in response to resident requests, will specifically ask for Inmans Road/ Brevere Road and Ivy Lane to be included in the review. The study should also include pedestrian and school children usage of the footpaths in the vicinity.

This would be a renewed request following an earlier one which did not get an adequate response. Apparently, ERYC has not undertaken a review of Winter salting arrangements since 2010. Hedon Town Council stipulates that surveys conducted should take into account the fact that the country is still in lockdown. This will severely affect the results.

The salting of roads and footways takes place in Winter weather. The ERYC has a network of roads that it will treat when ice threatens to form. This is called the ‘precautionary’ network. There is also a secondary network treated when snow or ice is likely to last beyond midday. Pavements salted, are only those that are considered ‘strategic footways’. These are usually key walkways to local shopping areas, high streets or where access to key services need to be kept open. These will normally be salted when snow or ice is likely to last beyond midday.

Whilst the request for a review will be welcome to local residents, ERYC does warn that in bad weather they have to operate a priority system:

“To make the best use of our (ERYC) resources, we focus our efforts in the following order:

  1. major roads between cities and large towns
  2. roads leading to smaller towns and villages
  3. any remaining roads
  4. footways and shopping areas.

“With, in excess of 3500km of roads in the East Riding, our network is much larger than most, so we cannot guarantee we can keep every road open during bad weather.”

The treated streets and pavements in Hedon appear in the current gritting route map for Holderness.

Precautionary Network when ice threatens to form (in red). Secondary Network normally treated when snow or ice is likely beyond midday (in green).
Strategic footways are normally treated when snow or ice is likely beyond midday.

More at ERYC website: Gritting, salt bins and winter road services

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  1. Following the decision of the East Riding Council (ERYC) not to review the salting programme for the town, Hedon Town Council has resolved at its Emergency Planning meeting (29 July 21) to seek quotes from contractors to treat routes in addition to those done by ERYC.

    The ‘trigger’ to treat the additional routes, would be the same criteria as that used by ERYC.

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