The last post has gone… and so has the box!

PLANNING to get your letter in the post for the 4.15 pm Hedon collection from Hedon Market Place? Well, there might be a problem! Workers removed the post box this morning. It was dug up, hoisted into a truck, and is gone!

The action seems to have taken place without warning or notice. It’s not clear whether the post box will be replaced somewhere else in the town centre or elsewhere.

Those normally using the post box for letters can use the main post office instead. It’s across the road at no 40 St Augustine’s Gate.

The nearest post box is the one on the wall at Fletchergate / St. Nicholas Gate https://w3w.co/surround.marble.complies. Another post box is located at Hull Road near the drain; on the border with Preston South https://w3w.co/ended.hiding.detect.

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  1. Christine Wallace
    Have been to post two letters at Fletchergate Saturday afternoon and it was full, had to really push my letters in, what is it going to be like at Christmas.

  2. The good news from tonight’s Hedon Town Council meeting is that the post box, the primary one in the town, has not gone permanently. The Town Council in collaboration with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Royal Mail are to consider where in the town centre it might be located.

    • Common sense would dictate that the new post box be installed and available for use before the old one was removed.

      Was replacement always on the agenda or has this come about as a result of complaints over the removal?

      Taking the old one away and there being a hiatus in the new one being installed allows Royal Mail to claim that people have got used to using the PO across the road or perhaps that they’ve reviewed their collection rounds and no longer have time in their schedules to collect…


    I wanted to say how ridiculous it is to remove the post box causing anybody posting a letter in the town centre to access the post office. My wife was in along queue yesterday just to post a letter and everybody was complaining.

    Causing many more people to enter the post office with Covid around is surely negligence on behalf of the Royal Mail.

    It seems they are cutting back on everything, fewer collection times, etc. yet postage costs are forever increasing for a worse service. I wonder if there was any consultation with the local council, I suspect not.

    The other post boxes are inconvenient for some and the small box on Thorn Road corner would be full very quickly.

    Roger Allison

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