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TECHNOLOGY has certainly improved since the Hedon Blog (HU12 Online) was set up in 2009. Then, one of the major concerns was to keep material ‘light’ and not use large files or high-resolution images that might slow down somebody’s access to the material via poorer internet speeds. It was a time when dial-up internet access was still very much a norm. Today most people will access material very speedily via their smartphone.

We’ve made improvements to HU12 this year by becoming more smartphone-friendly and one aspect of this is to populate more ‘buttons’ on the website so people can navigate around much easier.

Some of those buttons, are:

Our Quick Links is like a bookmark – it directs you to lots of local hyperlinks which, when you are in a rush, enable you to quickly find useful information. We’re always willing to add other essential information to the list too, just suggest it via that page

Obviously a mainstay of the site for many years, the page almost became redundant with the onset of the Pandemic and the reduction in community meetings and activities. The page will revitalise as groups begin to meet and plan public activities as the threat of COVID-19 eases.

Creative Corner is something we are really keen to develop. We want to provide a public platform where creative residents can share their work

Your anagrams, jigsaws, wordsearches, crosswords, etc. Coming to visit HU12 Online needn’t be a chore – we want you to have fun as well! We do have some ideas about doing prize competitions in the future!

We will establish temporary buttons while highlighting particular features – in this case our ongoing series of articles on local walks. We’ve still got a long way to run on this series… or should that be a long way to walk? 🙂

Love them or hate them – elections are with us! We aim to bring you the latest from the local election campaigns.

So there you have it – HU12 Online in six easy buttons!

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