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CREATIVE CORNER: Something is up!

Something is Up! was written by Joy Foster-Styche last July towards the lifting of the first Lockdown. It is as relevant today as it was then!

Something is Up!

Photo: J Foster-Styche

Something is up! We dare not look,
At the news and the views of the experts.
A virus is here – we tremble with fear
Some shed a tear – Lockdown is here.

With doom and gloom we take to Zoom
We socialise and stay in our room
Look with despair at our uncut hair
our un-dyed roots are hard to bear.

Is it too late? We watch the update,
Our breath we bate.
The death graphs rise like a monstrous tide
We stay in and hide.

Four months go by and slowly we try
To stay safe at home.
Two metres apart-can break your heart
No hugs today for apart we stay.

The months fly by and now it’s July
The lockdown eases
We all wear a mask to contain our sneezes,
And worry at the slightest wheezes.

We step out in fear to have a beer
Or meet in a café over a latte
To chat with our friends
When will it all end?

© J Foster-Styche


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