The Hedon Haven development debate – in numbers!

Some numbers to think about!

NUMBERS and statistics are quite often bandied about in a speech or a debate and are then forgotten unless taken up by interested parties for publicity or promotional benefits.

The numbers presented below are a few of those quoted in the opening remarks of those speaking in the Hedon Haven development planning application debate that took place at the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Planning Committee on 4 February 2021. Some figures you will recognise from the media coverage of this – others, perhaps not?

  • Andrew Nicholson spoke on behalf of the objectors to the planning application. He is one of the key organisers in PADEL (Paull Against Development of Enterprise Land).
  • David Morriss is Head of Property for the applicants, Associated British Ports.
  • Councillor John Dennis is a Ward Councillor for the local South West Holderness Ward and also in 2014 the leader of the “Hands Off” our Boundaries campaign.
  • Councillor Sue Steel is a Ward Councillor for the local South West Holderness Ward and a member of the Planning Committee.
1 ½The number of times bigger than Hedon is the development siteAndrew Nicholson
6 ½The number of times bigger than Vatican City is the development siteAndrew Nicholson
2,100The number of Boeing 737 aircraft that could be parked on the development siteAndrew Nicholson
72The height in feet of the highest building proposed in the developmentAndrew Nicholson
21 The number of rugby pitches that could be accommodated in that highest building proposed in the developmentAndrew Nicholson
350mThe expected millions of pounds of direct investment likely in the developmentDavid Morriss
6,500The potential jobs that could be providedDavid Morriss
185The development area in hectares that is the last countryside between the town of Hedon and the riverside village of PaullCllr. John Dennis
75The percentage turnout in the Boundary Referendum asking whether industrialisation should be allowed in the East Riding’s green open spacesCllr. John Dennis
96The percentage in the Boundary Referendum who said “No” to wholesale industrialisation in the East Riding’s agricultural areasCllr. John Dennis
400The number of hectares of industry in South West Holderness that represents more industry in one ward than all the other East Riding wards put togetherCllr. John Dennis
2The number of communications the applicant has had with residents since 2018 Cllr. Sue Steel
The Hedon Haven debate in numbers

We are waiting for news of further consultation regarding this planning application as indicated at the Planning Committee and will bring you the latest news regarding this as events are organised.

Find out more about the planning application at the East Riding Publc Access website and search for reference: 18/04071/STPLFE

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  1. A few years ago they where collecting cash with something too with widening and deepening the Haven to what it was originally used for so if this was possible when the new industrial site come into fruition it could take traffic off the roads

  2. I cannot believe this. I for am against it .
    Reasons follow, we have a brilliant road into Hull which has taken the traffics jams away.(upto a point).
    Also has anyone thought about flooding . Flood defences are ok but we need some land for flood plains. Build on the land and wher do you think the rain water will go. Maybe I am a daft old women but having lived abroad and watch it has done to other countries I am very weary
    If it needs building then it should go to the west side ofHull.

    • The main reason for flooding of fields is the ditches that used to surround fields are not being dredged and being filled in by farmers and builders so they can claim more land
      I can remember when I was young most nights you could hear the clanking of the dredgers going down the river which you don’t hear anymore if they did it MAY cut out some of the flooding

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