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WHAT3WORDS is a service that we’ve used and supported for years on HU12 Online. As the video explains it divides the world up into 3-metre squares and each has been given a unique combination of three words. This means we can give precise locations for buildings, an entrance to a building, and particularly hard to describe places without street addresses like parks, beaches and car parks.

A real example:

It has always been difficult to describe the location of Hedon Museum, but https://w3w.co/caves.consoles.scorch will take you directly to its entrance gate.

Enter ///caves.consoles.scorch into the free whats3words app and you will be able to view the location of the entry gate and tap ‘Navigate’, to get directions via Google maps or with your other favourite navigation app. But you can have some with it too. Whilst ///caves.consoles.scorch might get you to the gate, search around the actual addresses of the museum building and we find the whats3word address ///kinks.bookings.trump – perhaps not appropriate for the place that celebrates the town’s ancient history, but certainly more fun and memorable.

So just for a bit of fun, if you have a building that is open to the public (normally!) i.e. a business, pub or a shop, etc, then find out what your what3words address is, and send the link to us with your real public contact address and perhaps a link to your website/social media, and we’ll publish these on this page. You can choose to use the best – or most fun! – what3words address.

Download what3words: https://what3words.com/products/what3words-app/

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