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FEAR of flooding and its potential impacts is heightened locally due to many residents living close to waterways, but also because of the raw memories of the big flooding event in the summer of 2007. And in Paull, we had the high tide and flood event of December 2013 which led to many properties flooding. These events no doubt are the reason why many people locally are already signed up to the Government’s Flood Alerts service managed by the Environment Agency. However, with the Met Office currently warning about Storm Christoph and its possible impacts in some parts of the country including increasing risk floodwaters, then those residents not signed up for Flood Alerts may want to consider doing so.

When a flood risk is raised in the local area, Flood Alerts are sent out by by recorded phone call, email and text message. Mostly the warnings are precautionary only. But those living in areas near the waterways will be more vigilant and can judge actual river and water levels and assess the realistic risk.

Increased flood risk will prompt a precautionary flood alert, but local eyes on the water levels will assess the actual risk.

You can sign up to get warnings in England by phone, email or text message. The service is free. You’ll register your address, a phone number you can be contacted on day or night, and an email address. You can register, update your details or cancel your account by calling Floodline on Telephone: 0345 988 1188, or sign up online.


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