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Welcome back!

WELCOME to HU12 Online to our new readers, and welcome back to those old friends who haven’t visited us for a while.

Stats show renewed interest

Since Monday 11 January 2021 the website had over 3,000 views (over 2,000 visitors) to its blog posts this week which will contribute to making January 2021 the busiest January since 2018 when we had 5,300 views for the whole month. And whilst this is a long way from our busiest January ever in 2016 with over 34,000 views, it does show that the return to providing a more comprehensive news service is proving of interest to people.

Monthly viewing figures (note only halfway through Jan 2021). We’ll continue to post regular updates to our viewing figures.


Please use the comments facility. You need to use your real name and once you have been accepted for comment once, then you should find making comments, offering a view and/or joining the debate, a breeze. Whilst we attract a wide readership these days via Facebook (albeit we recognise that a sizeable minority of readers don’t use that social network) we hope that our curated comments space will be a much friendlier and constructive place. When issues are raised in the comments that might benefit from a response from service providers, councillors, agencies, etc, then we will make efforts to contact them on the reader’s behalf.


The What’s On? page can be found at the button on the top of the page, and whilst lots of events are curtailed at the moment because of the pandemic, we do hope to highlight those online opportunities that are happening with a local significance.

Our Quick Links button offers a quick way to find links to essential local information in the area.

And finally…

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