Happy 100th Birthday, Joan!

JOAN is 100 years old on Monday 18th January 2021. Staff at Allendale House, George Street, Hedon have been praised by Joan’s son Roger for the care they have given to his mum and in particular organising a birthday celebration for her.

Joan (Mum) is a resident at Allendale House in Hedon. She will be 100 on Monday 18th January 2021.

Sadly we are unable to visit however the staff have been wonderful keeping all residents safe over this Covid year and because we are unable to celebrate her birthday they are organising a party for her and another resident who has a birthday the same day. Mum is receiving lots of cards from people in Hedon and the surrounding area. We are able to visit for a short time on Monday and my brother and his wife will share the visiting time.

Mum moved to Hedon in 2011 from Wakefield so that she could be near to us, living at Iveson Lodge where she had many friends moving into Allendale House in 2018.

The manager and all staff at Allendale house are so dedicated and caring and deserve so much praise. Lynette and Mandy being so active on Facebook have let so many people know about her birthday and she is receiving many cards.

A big thank you to Allendale and local people who are wishing her so many good wishes.

Roger and Jean

We’d like to wish Joan a happy birthday too! There’s still time to send cards to Allendale House, 21 George Street, Hedon, East Riding of Yorkshire HU12 8JH. And well done to all the carers at Allendale!

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