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ONE of the key roles the Blog has played in the past is to provide a  place where it is quick and easy for local people to find relevant local information.

So we are looking to start a new page that just provides links to ESSENTIAL useful information.

Example: One of our most popular links previously was to the No. 76 East Yorkshire bus timetable. Apparently, it was easier for people to remember to go to HU12 and click the link to the page, rather than search and scroll through the East Yorkshire buses website.

So we hope once again to provide a one-stop place where you can find the local information you need quickly.

But we want your help in helping us identify which local links to include? We’ve included some here, but which others do you feel are essential? The examples below are Hedon-centred but would include information for the surrounding villages too.

—  — —

Humberside Police – Report it! For an immediate response call 999. For incidents that don’t require an immediate response call 101.

Sign up to Humberside Police’s My Community Alert at www.mycommuntiyalert.co.uk to receive updates straight to your mobile or email on what’s going on in your community.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Holderness Health Contact Details – local GP services.


Shop Opening Hours

Power Cuts? Contact Northern Powergrid

The above are a few to get started with – but what other ESSENTIAL information do you think should be included? Note this is not meant to be a business guide, but just essential local inks. Leave a comment below with your suggestions.

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