No Santa Sleigh this year from the Lions

A message from the Holderness Lions:

The Holderness Lions  are sorry that we won’t be coming round the Holderness villages as we normally do every year, but we do wish each and everyone of you a very happy Christmas and a happy and healthy 2021.

Stay safe, look after one another. We look forward to seeing you next year.

Holderness Lions President Eileen Smith

And a special message to children:

The Holderness Lions club has been speaking to a very good friend, Santa Claus (some of you know him as Father Christmas), to ask him if he could possibly find the time to visit our area with his sleigh this year. Unfortunately, due to restrictions this year, he cannot come before Christmas. He is very sorry but wants you all to know that he will still be able to visit, in the usual way, on Christmas Eve.

All the elves are working very hard to make sure that presents are all wrapped and ready for delivery. Please stay safe, follow any guidelines so that you can enjoy Christmas together.

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